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Welcome to Baze Chiropractic located at 200 SW 41st Street #100 in Renton, WA. We understand that choosing a chiropractor is a big decision. This article will help you learn the basics of chiropractic care. Please don't hesitate to contact our Renton chiropractors with any further questions you have. We are here to help you achieve your goals.

Baze Chiropractic

Baze Chiropractic PLLC has been servicing the South King County community since 1986. Our mission is to provide the best chiropractic care possible to help as many people as possible to live healthier and longer lives. We recognize that the brain and nervous system regulates every cell in the body and that the nervous system communicates through the tunnels and pathways running through the spinal column. A spine that has lost optimum alignment and motion interferes with the function of the nervous system. This results in the body losing its innate ability to regulate itself, heal itself, and function at an optimal level.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help You?

The benefit of chiropractic care is basically a better functioning nervous system. We help correct the alignment and motion patterns of the spine which in turn removes interference to the nervous system. This results in improvement in brain body communication so that function and repair is optimized.

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Chiropractic Explained

Excess physical, mental, or chemical stress, strain, or trauma can alter the alignment and motion patterns in the spine. This can result in what we call vertebral subluxations (vertebra that do not move properly). This changes nerve pathways through the spine and interferes with nervous system function. 92% of nerves in the body are motor or trophic nerves (controlling function and repair) while only 8% are sensory nerves (the ones you feel). By making specific gentle chiropractic adjustments to these affected spinal segments, we help restore alignment and motion which removes interference to the nervous system so the body can function properly.

That's a lot to take in, but it is the explanation as to why some chiropractic patients in Renton report improvement in body function. This is not a claim that chiropractic adjustments treat disease, but it does suggest that some people will see improvements in conditions that are outside of the treatment area.

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The Education of a Chiropractor

Chiropractic education requires an undergraduate college education with a strong emphasis on basic sciences, followed by a 4-year doctorate program at an accredited chiropractic college. A chiropractic education encompasses an in-depth study of the Philosophy, Art, and Science of chiropractic and its natural, holistic, and vitalistic approach to health care. Although chiropractors are thoroughly trained in differential diagnosis of all detrimental health conditions, their focus is on helping the body to heal itself and maintain itself through a properly functioning nervous system.

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Best Of Renton 2024

"I was injured at work, I was in extreme pain and could barely function as a human being. I found myself at Baze Chiropractic and in a short amount of time his team was able to ease my pain. I have a bulging disc on my L5 and have shown progress under his care and even shrinking of the bulge. I tried everything and this is the only thing that has worked to give me back my life, and avoid surgery. They really care and it shows."

Alice H.

"I've known Dr. Baze for many years and have referred many people to him. He is awesome. He also has worked on my horses."

Pattie S.

"What is not to recommend?! This guy is beyond amazing. I first went just to get my German Shepard worked on. We were looking at a $8,000 plus vet bill with no known outcome. My dog is already showing improvement and is getting around better than before. I'm a postal carrier so I thought I would be seen as well. So glad that I did. My constant lower back pain is gone and everything else just gets better and better with each visit. This man is full of advice and knowledge that actually works. Dawn at the front desk always greets you with a smile and kind words. Nick and Michelle never try to push you beyond your limits but give you a great workout. I always leave feeling like a new person inside a stronger body. I can't thank them enough."

Omar D.

"With Dr. Baze’s chiropractic skills and help, today I am a new person. To me, it’s been a miracle. Thank heaven for Dr. Baze, he was there when I needed help, to make me what I am today."

Josephine S.

"Dr. Baze is the only chiropractor, out of 6, I have visited that has been consistently able to effectively adjust me...I have not had a sinus infection in the same period."

Mike F.

Best Of Renton 2024