Animal Adjustments in Renton

Chiropractor Renton WA Randy Baze Horse AdjustmentAnimal spines become subluxated, just like human spines. Not only that, but they respond as well as, or better than we do. They have a distinct advantage of having a horizontal configuration versus a vertical one. This means that they get less compressive damage and joint erosion over the course of their lives than humans do. It also means that they respond extremely well to corrective chiropractic adjustments.

The Power of Chiropractic in Renton

Dr. Baze was inspired to become a chiropractor after seeing three horses recover miraculously to gently adjustments given by a trained chiropractor. It literally saved their lives. This was overwhelming proof of the power of a chiropractic adjustment.

Dr. Baze was trained in animal adjusting while attending Sherman College of Chiropractic. Since graduating in 1983, he has become one of the leading experts in the world on animal chiropractic, providing chiropractic care for a large number of animals on a regular basis as well as lecturing extensively to the profession.

Since beginning practice in Washington State in 1984, Dr. Baze’s patients have been bringing in their pets of all shapes and sizes for chiropractic adjustments, and in exchange making donations to Sherman College of Chiropractic.