Chiropractic Testimonials

“I’ve seen other chiropractors, but nothing worked. It seems that other Chiropractors were always in too much of a hurry to really fix my problem. Then, I met Dr. Baze. I was on crutches and could barely walk. I came off my crutches in a short time. If not for the care at Baze Chiropractic I would still be on crutches.

Major Complaint: Many years ago I fell on my back as I was going downstairs. Since then, my whole body was out of alignment.

Past History: Since then I did have back problems, earaches, leg problems, cancer and heart problems.”

- Rebekah J.

“With Dr. Baze’s chiropractic skills and help, today I am a new person. To me, it’s been a miracle. Thank heaven for Dr. Baze, he was there when I needed help, to make me what I am today.”

- Josephine S.

“I had many health problems before receiving chiropractic treatment – chronic fatigue, neck pain, frequent bronchitis, and asthma. After receiving chiropractic treatment, my neck felt so much better that I was able to sleep well for the first time in years! The other dramatic change I experienced was a HUGE improvement of my asthma, which I now do not have at all. I continue to become healthier, had a wonderful pregnancy with chiropractic treatment, and would recommend chiropractic treatment to everyone!”

- Tracy G.

“I have been in 3 auto accidents and had 3 on the job back injuries. I elected to have chiropractic as my only treatment. I have seen Dr. Baze since he began his practice.

Dr. Baze has been the best thing for me to deal with my problems. When all others want to do surgery or drugs, I said no. “Mr. Magic Fingers” works miracles for me! No more migraines! All bright and cheery after adjustments! Even my grandchildren get excited for adjustments.

Major Complaint: Upper back injury from football in high school. Caused major headaches, consistent (3-4 per year) sinus, colds, and infections.”

- Barbara S.

“Dr. Baze is the only chiropractor, out of 6, I have visited that has been consistently able to effectively adjust me. I have not had a headache related to the injury in my back in over 2 years and I rarely have a major cold anymore. I have not had a sinus infection in the same period.”

- Mike F.

“I came to this office with congestion problems, carpal tunnel syndrome and numbness in my hands and arms. At 44, I had never paid any attention to chiropractic care or how it can improve my overall well-being as well as eliminate symptoms that I have developed over the years. I would urge everyone of any age and regardless of symptoms to enter into chiropractic care. Chiropractic for me is wellness and healthy well-being for life. It is so wonderful to feel good all the time and to know that I will feel like this for a lifetime.”

- Kris W.

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