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Have you considered chiropractic for your kids in Renton? At Baze Chiropractic we firmly believe in protecting a child’s body by making sure they have the best possible functioning nervous system. It is well known that children bounce back quickly, but that is related to how they feel; physically and structurally that is not always the case. Unfortunately, children do not always verbalize exactly what they feel when they are sore, uncomfortable, or in pain, but just like with adults, if the underlying cause is left alone for too long it will grow into a bigger problem. Chiropractic care for children can be very beneficial.

Birth through the 1st year of life in Renton

Right from birth, your child’s spine is subjected to daily stresses. The birth process is one of the most traumatic experiences many of us will ever go through. An infant’s neck must be bent one way and then the other in order to pass through the birth canal. Cesarean section is also considered a traumatic birth when considering the effects on the spine. Obstetricians often need to traction the head during a normal birth using between 40 and 70 pounds of pressure, in order to birth the shoulder; studies reveal this may inadvertently cause damage to the cervical spine (neck) and also to the nerves that exit from the spine. This can leave a baby’s neck with subluxations or misalignment which can be corrected with chiropractic care. Even a one-day-old infant can be adjusted! (The baby pictured was adjusted the first time when she was just 4 hours old) As babies grow and develop it is amazing how many things put stress on their spine. Sleeping on their stomach with the head turned to one side all night long – which is common for all infants – is a good example. Surprisingly, changing diapers may also place undue stress on the thoracic spine. Raising the infant’s legs with one hand to place the diaper underneath can cause repetitive stress to the spinal joints.

Even minor spinal problems in infants can contribute to colic, stomach reflux, and ear infections. Babies can’t talk when something is wrong, so they tend to cry more often than usual to let you know they do not feel well. A simple trip to the chiropractor might make the difference from a cranky baby to a happy one.

Toddlers through Elementary school ages

Throughout the first year, a baby’s spine will grow 50%. At birth, the length of the spinal column is approximately 24 cm; by the end of the adolescent state, the length will have increased to 70 cm. The spine will experience the largest growth period during the first five years of life.

Whenever there is rapid growth, there is a greater tendency for things to go wrong. Regular chiropractic checkups from our Renton chiropractors ensure that your child’s spine is growing properly. During the first year, they also develop the secondary curves of the spine in the neck and low back. If these normal curves fail to develop, there may be a greater chance that they will develop scoliosis or abnormal curvature of the spine.

Towards the end of the first year, they will be learning how to walk and will fall an extraordinary amount of times. The average child falls twenty-five times a day while learning to walk. If you fall that often, do you think that your spine would feel the effects of the trauma?

Nowadays. parents do not think twice about the importance of regular dental visits for their kids. Check-ups are scheduled every six months to help prevent cavities. When you consider that children use their teeth only when they eat, yet they use their spine every time they sit, stand, run, crawl, play and move. Shouldn’t they receive regular check-ups for one of the most important structures in their body? Remember, “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.”

Pre-teen and Teenagers

As your child grows, other problems may arise. Scoliosis is an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine which if not detected early may become a serious health-threatening and disfiguring problem. It is important that, when present, it is caught before a child begins his or her “growth spurt” at approximately 12-16 years of age because scoliosis can progress rapidly during these years.

It is very important to make sure your child has a properly fitting backpack and understands the importance of wearing it correctly. Heavy book bags slung over one shoulder or heavy backpacks not worn properly, increase the chances of developing Scoliosis and make its damaging effects more serious.

Sports – Football – Basketball – Skiing – Wrestling – Volleyball – Soccer – Horseback Riding – Tennis and the rest teach dedication and teamwork, but they can also be hard on your child’s body. The quarterback that gets mowed over by the linebacker, the basketball or volleyball player who lands hard on the floor, the rider who is thrown. Yes, even the computer too! Way too many children sit at the computer slumped, despite parental admonitions to the contrary, or hunched over their hand-held games…We all get bumps and bruises growing up, and no one's posture is always perfect, that is why it is so important to have your child’s spine checked at regular intervals along the way. Catching a problem and fixing it when it happens may save them a lot of pain and problems now and later in life.

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